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If it were up to us, we would give everyone voice or data contracts. Unfortunately, it is in your best interest that we make sure you can afford the monthly payments. Just like with any contract, you will be vetting to determine whether you qualify.

You have two options when you want to apply for a new contract or if you want to upgrade your contract. You can apply online or you can visit one of our retail stores.

You can browse through the available Vodacom deals on our site, choose what you like and fill in the required details. One of our super sales specialists will give you a call and complete your application over the phone.

Ones you’ve applied, our systems will check your affordability score to see if you qualify for a Vodacom contract.

We know it is hard to believe, but we will deliver your new device completely free.

Side note: This only applies to devices taken on contract and not when you buy devices cash.

Nah, we try to avoid paperwork whenever we can. Everything is done telephonically. So we don’t waste your time or valuable trees.

When you upgrade your existing Vodacom contract there is an upgrade fee of R150.

Yes, we can definitely help you to move over the Vodacom network.

Your monthly bill will be paid on the date you specified while doing the application for a new contract. Your bill will include the cost of your subscription, value added services and any costs incurred the previous month if you are on an open contract. This will be deducted from your bank account.

We try to list as many deals as possible, but it might happen that some of the devices available are not listed on our site. If you are looking for something specific, you can send us an email at direct@smartcom.co.za and we will send you a quote.

Vodacom allows you to upgrade on the 22nd month of your 24 months contract period. Vodacom only allows 1 upgrade every 24 month period.

Enquire with customer care – 0861 66 7746, enquire in store or you can use the My Vodacom app.

For new contracts the first payment takes place 3 days after you have received your new device. For upgrades your payments will still happen on your normal date, it will then include the upgrade fee.

Your first debit order will be calculated pro-rata for the amount you agreed upon when applying for the contract.

There is only an upgrade fee of R150, there are no SIM and connection fees and delivery is free.

The handset charge will be charged until month 24, if you upgrade 3 months early, you will pay both handset charges for the remaining 3 months, thereafter only the new agreement will be effective.

If you need more talktime then the Smart packages might be best as you receive a specified amount of anytime minutes. If data is your primary requirement then there are the Smart more data packages that will include more data and a smaller amount of minutes. The Flexi packages will give you a monthly airtime allocation that you can use in whichever combination that you want. Our highly experienced consultants can assist you with the selection.

If you are getting a new handset you will most likely require Caller Line Identity, it will show the number of any incoming call provided the caller does not restrict their number. If you need more data than your chosen package includes then data bundles can also be added.

You might also want to consider talking to us about insurance for your device and roaming solutions if you are a frequent traveller.

Customer services

You can contact our call centre on 0861 66 7746 or you can send an email with your concerns to customercare@smartcom.co.za.

Unfortunately, we only deliver within the borders of South Africa.