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Vodacom One Net Express

Vodacom's One Net Express service will help you take your switchboard completely virtual.

This solution is perfect for small and medium companies that have employees that are not office based.

Some of the One Net Express benefits and features:

  • People in your business can call each other free across landline and cellphone numbers.
  • You can get a landline number for your business without having a fixed landline.
  • All your employees can be reached on the same number, either on their landline phones or on their cellphones.
  • A virtual receptionist will direct calls to the right person in your business. Customers can follow voice prompts to find the correct individual or department.
  • You can group your employees in Hunt Groups. Employees in the same Hunt Group will share a number that customers can use to reach anyone in that group.
  • If someone is busy, the call will automatically route to the cellphone number of another employee in the same Hunt Group. Thus, preventing any loss calls.

What will it cost?

One Net Express cost R149.00 per month for each user. Setting up a Hunt Group has a once-off fee of R32.00 per group.

How do I get it?

To get Vodacom One Net Express for your business contact Smartcom on 0861 66 7746 or fill in the form below: